April 16, 2010

Sabres Lead Series 1-0

Buffalo ended up winning Game 1 with the final score being 2-1. But the B's can take a lot of positives out of the loss. They played a great 2nd period. They figured out that the way to get shots by Miller is to create traffic in front of the net and just (try to) overwhelm him with shots. Miller was on top of his game last night, as expected. He stopped 38 of the B's 39 shots on net. 23 of those saves came in the 2nd period. Not to overshadow Tuukka though- as he stopped 30 of the Sabres 32 shots.
Both goals for the Sabres (scored by Vanek and Rivet) as I saw them, were caused because of mistakes made by B's defensemen. Luckily, those can be corrected. I hope.

Anddddd..That's where my objectivity stops. Now, its time for the rant. Who were those refs last night? I'm not even going to take the time to look it up, because I don't even care. They were ridiculously inconsistent. Whatever. I'd like to personally thank the Sabres star divers- mainely Kaleta. Because you've successfully managed to piss Lucic off. And that only gives us the advantage. So keep on divin' and you'll be swimming in a pool. Of your own blood.


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