April 19, 2010

Game 3 Tonight

In a stunning game 2 in Buffalo, the B's managed to tie up the series. Tonight's game is at the Garden; and Me, Tizzle and Bear Hat are sure to be in attendance. Not much more I can say about Game 3- still think its going to be a tight game.

I can't wait to feel that playoff-hockey meets drunk-Bostonians-on-marathon-monday atmoshphere. And its Tizzle's 21st. And Savard is closer to returning as he feels "unbelievable" and has to pass a neuropsych test in order to be cleared to return as soon as later in these series! And, Vanek won't play tonight with a high ankle sprain. So, its fair to say the stars are aligned, my friends. LET'S GO BRUINS.

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