March 11, 2010

Tonight's Importance and the Unsolved Mystery of the Third Period

First off, tonight our Black and Gold failures are matched up against the Broadstreet Bullies. In the past 10 games, the Philadelphia Flyers are a strong 7-2-1. The B's, on the otherhand, are 6-2-2. Mediocrity at best. Not to be dramatic, but this is crunch time. This is it. If the Bruins want to continue playing 40 minute games, and slowly getting by on the single point of an OT loss, then they will be hitting the links in April. This is NOT what we want. I repeat, this is NOT what we want.

Secondly, the Bruins need to be informed of the 20 minute phenomenon known as..The Third Period. Yes, its true folks. The Third Period really IS part of a hockey game and it is pretty damn important. I'm not sure if the B's invitation to the Third Period have been continuously lost in the mail, or what. All I know, is that in tonight's game, the Third Period is crucial. The Bruins better show up. They desperately need these 2 points; and shouldn't even be allowing other Eastern Conference teams to get a single point. This means, the Bruins need a strong SIXTY minutes of hockey and to win in...*gasp*...REGULATION.

Or else, like I have said time and time again, if the Bruins fail to make the playoffs this year, I will be trading in my season tickets and using that money to purchase a plot of land on which I will be raising goats. Why? Because goats don't get my hopes up and goats don't tease me with the dream of someday winning a 34.5lb chalice of silver by the name of Stanley.

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