March 1, 2010

Of course it was Crosby.

Well, the USA gave it a hell of a run. It was suprising to many how well this "underdog" team did in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Was I suprised? No. From the first game against the Swiss, I noticed how much spunk and energy the team had, and how explosive they were. Fueled by youth and the desire to win, this team flat out dominated throughout the tournament.
It was amazing to see the USA fight their way into overtime after being down by two. But in the end, it was the fairytale ending that the entire country of Canada had hoped for. The hero that is Sidney Crosby, won it in overtime. Of course he did. As far as Crosby goes, I always say I hate him. But to be brutally honest, how can I? It's bitterness, not hate. Bitter of the fact that the Bruins will probably never, ever have someone like this on their team. Mostly because of that fact that the Sidney Crosbys, Wayne Gretzkys, of the world, are extremely rare. I can complain about Crosby complaining, I can whine about him whining. But when the puck is on his stick, I have to admire him. How can I not respect him? At the same age as me, 22, he has already won a World Junior Championship, a Stanley Cup, and now, an Olympic Gold Medal. The Kid must be doing something right.
I'm shocked I just admitted that I truly don't despise Sidney Crosby. Thankfully, the Bruins hit the ice tomorrow night against their arch nemesis. Hopefully the recent-Olympians can play for the Bruins as they played for their country- with some heart.

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