March 12, 2010

That's More Like It

Last night the Black & Gold took down the Flyers with an end result of 5-1. Not only did this win reward the Bruins with 2 (much needed) points, but the Bruins can rebuild (hopefully) and find themselves within this victory. Here are a few things I took from last night's contest.

1. Mark Stuart impressed me. (For once.) But seriously, Stuart definitely showed what it means to be a Bruin. He was gritty, he was tough, and he stood up for himself as well as his team. He made minimal mistakes and played his game well. (However, I must add one mistake he made was the turnover off his attempt to clear the puck during a penalty kill. This lead to red-hot Jeff Carter's second period goal) Oh well, it happens. All in all, Stuart provided the strength and courage the B's have been lacking since the Winter Classic.

2. Tuukka was incredible. His saves last night were nothing short of magnificent. Having not played since March 2nd, Tuukka shined last night. Before the Olympic break, this 23 year old Finnish wonder showed Bruins fans that they had reason to believe in the team. Last night, Tuukka made 31 saves; some being slightly 'unorthadox' which leads me to believe he's been watching Timmy.

3. Offense. 5 goals. Finally, some pucks made their way into the net. With goals from Wheeler, Krejci, Bergeron, Recchi and Sturm it made me realize that the pieces are all there. I was so angered by Chiarelli's decision to stand pat and not acquire much needed forward. But I'm beginning to realize that we have the talent, we just need the results. And hopefully they come. Not to mention, without Savard, Bergeron is going to have to carry the offense into a playoff berth.

4. Seidenberg. The newest addition to the squad definitely proved his worth last night. He seemed to find some chemistry with his new team, which is definitely a good sign. The defense, with the exception of a certain someone *cough*Wideman*cough*, has looked good all season. Hunwick also made some great plays last night. And as usual, Boychuk continued to prove why he's made the big team.

Tomorrow night the Bruins face their arch nemesis. Behind enemy lines, in Montreal. The Bruins NEED to steal these points from the Habs. Right now, the Canadiens have 74points, so with a win the 8th place Bruins would leapfrog into 6th; having played less games than both the Habs, and also 7th place Flyers. Should be a good weekend of hockey!

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