January 26, 2010

Welcome to The Bear Necessities!

This blog was going to happen eventually. When it comes to the Bruins, Paula and I are fanatics. She has season tickets and we go to all home games. I take notes and compute pages of statistics when I'm excited. We ramble and commiserate with each other every day, our moods dependent on how the team is doing. In short, we're completely tapped.

That's the best reason we have for starting The Bear Necessities. Somewhere between pride in our history, hope for the future, and bitterness in the present; between lifelong devotion and minimal expectations; between the ecstasy of winning and the crushing defeat that inevitably follows it, lies what it takes to be a Boston Bruins fan.

That and Bear Hat.

About Tizzle: My name is Katie, but most people (including Paula) refer to me as Tizzle. I'm a born and raised Bruins fan and played hockey for 8 years. I enjoy long complicated statistics and criticizing forwards for their defensive zone play. Paula, the Jack to my Brick, will introduce herself.

To all the other fans that are in it for the long run, I hope you can get some entertainment and insight from this blog.

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