March 20, 2011

Matt Cooke, Enough is Enough.

I'm actually starting to be a bit concerned about Matt Cooke. I hope the Pittsburgh Penguins doctor is hard at work diagnosing him. Cooke must have some sort of rare medical condition that doesn't allow him to put his elbows down, right? Why else would his elbows be constantly raised and aimed at player's heads? All jokes aside, this is a serious, serious issue. Cooke was up to his old tricks again today when he decided to elbow Ryan McDonagh of the New York Rangers. He is one of the dirtiest, cheapest players in the league. Someone NEEDS to teach Cooke a lesson. Clearly getting KO'd by an Evander Kane punch last year wasn't enough to put an end to Cooke's shenanigans.

Although the league has recently been working hard to prevent these type of cheap shots, they really need to take action when it comes to Cooke. I mean the guy pretty much single handedly- (err..single-elbowedly? single-shoulderedly?), ended Savard's season and received zero punishment. The guy is KNOWN for being one of the most despicably cheap and cowardly players in the league.. yet for some reason, he never seems to get enough punishment. When is enough enough?

Let's take a look back at some of Cooke's handiwork..shall we?

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